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Friday, November 1, 2013

Rule number 2

Accept who you are.
I am who I am
What thing makes me me is me
I am only one me

So who am I? Do I need to be able to answer this question before I can accept who I am…
People are complex and it is not all that easy to answer the question above.  All too often we focus on those things we don’t like about our self, instead looking for the good in “me”. Either way it can be hard to accept these different parts that make up “me”. Sometimes we don’t know that something is part of “me”, so how can you accept what you don’t know?
I think even if you don’t really know yourself very well, it is still important to accept those parts of “me” that I am familiar with. When going through different stages in my live, each stage will help me learn different bits and pieces about myself. Some things that I will discover about “me”, I like and other things that I find out about “me”, I may not like very much. Still all these pieces make up “me”.
I also think that if we accept things we are not so happy with about “me”, it becomes easier to change this thing.

Tonight I went out and had a visit with some of my friends and colleagues. Had a great time and really enjoyed being in their company. We talked about a lot of things and on the way home I looked back on a very pleasant evening. One of the things that struck me was this rule number 2. I got thinking that often in my life I would think that I would like to be more like this person, or more like that. However I have very much an introverted personality, I rather listen then do a lot of talking, I have always been this way. And yes at times I would like to be more spontaneously and talk more and be the life of the party, but…. That is simply not who I am. Over the years I have learned to overcome a lot of my natural shyness, and moving around in a crowd and speaking up comes much easier now than it used to be, but I will never be a true extrovert. That does not make me a bad person, just different. It is sometimes hard for me to accept that this is who I am, because I would like to be more outgoing, and it’s not that I can’t be, I just have to work at it a little harder. So by accepting who I am, I have to learn to accept that I am an introvert and that this is ok.

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