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Saturday, October 26, 2013

What makes you grateful?

The book I recently picked up is called:
What makes you grateful? Voices around the world. By Anne O. Kubitsky
What made me pick this book was the question: What makes you grateful. For the past few years and more so the last two, I have been mindful about practicing gratitude more consciously.
There is a growing community out there that feels that gratitude is one of the most important emotions we can feel, and we have to practise to make this feeling part of our everyday life.
Since I have been practicing gratitude more mindful, wonderful things have started to happen. I have a job that more or less happened to come along at the right time. I am working with great people who are like minded and we are able to change things positively. Also by showing my gratitude towards the people I work with, things at the work place are starting to happen. Everyone is much more cheerful, and really try to do their very best.  And things just seem to fall into place. When I am asking for a change I would like for my people, most often it seems to be happening.  There is one older gentleman, an old veteran, who is wheelchair bound. He has had this wheelchair for a lot of years, and this chair is starting to show major signs of wear, things don’t work the way they should any more. So I wanted a new chair for him, I think he deserves it and besides that he needs it. Just a few days ago I learned that a new wheelchair has been approved and I am so happy for tis man!
So while reading this book I also have been thinking about things that make me grateful, well there is a long list of things with the obvious ones: health, family, love etc.   And then the less common ones like being grateful for my house, for the wood I burn in my woodstove to keep us warm, the lights I have been able to buy and that light up the evergreen trees in the front yard. Every time I see them I am amazed by how beautiful they shine! The beautiful country we live in, and how fortunate I am to own a farm. My wonderful capable children who have grown up into such handsome and smart young adults.
Even on a day when I feel cranky, I now can reflect and take a moment to feel the gratitude for something around me, because you can always find something to be thankful for. When you focus on one thing to be grateful for it really isn’t very difficult to find something else and then something else again. It truly is very hard to stay cranky or mad when you focus on being grateful. And it does  make a big difference in the rest of your days as things then seem to fall into place easier and everything else goes a lot smoother.

So what are you grateful for today?

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