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Thursday, October 24, 2013

One hundred and one rules to live by

Rule #1, part two
So what is our inner voice? It is something different for everyone. Some people think it is their Guardian angel whispering in their ear; others call it a gut- feeling, sixth sense, intuition or this nagging little voice in their head that tells them something is right or wrong, or good or bad.
It often warns us for something that can harm us and tries to steer us in a direction, whether good or bad. Some of us have been able to cultivate this inner voice, and have learned to listen to it more often than not. It helps to save lives, solve cases, solve problems of any kind, and bring brilliant ideas to researches, inventors, artist and the like.
As a nurse I have had some experience with this little voice. And have learned to listen to it, most of the time. Sometimes when caring for a patient I would get this nagging feeling that something was not quite right. I was not always able to put my finger on it what it was, I mean there was no immediate indication that the patient was not doing well, he /she would not look that bad, vital signs would still be ok, but I would keep checking up on them. Often at one point or other this patient would indeed “crash” and end up having a major life threatening event.  But then I would be wrong just as often as well.
I find it sometimes hard to distinguish between this little voice, and being a worry wart. I know my judgment gets a little cloudy when it involves my family; in that case I sometimes have to turn of this little voice, or tell it not to worry so much and trust that all is ok.
And then there is always hindsight as well of course. Often when we look back on a situation we realize that this inner voice was trying to get through to us, but we were not tuned into it enough at that time. Only to realize we knew that we were steered in a direction, or that we were not at all surprised by the outcome of a situation, as if we knew all along..

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