Rule #1
Be true to yourself by listening to your inner voice.
We live in a fast paced world where electronic communication takes preceding over talking and chatting with actual human beings.
Often when we sit in at a table to sit down for breakfast, lunch or supper the people that join us are often distracted by their electric gismos. I know I tend to be absorbed in other things, reading the paper or playing a game (on my electronic device) and forget to pay attention to what is being discussed around me.  With all this noise pollution and activity in our lives we often forget to take some time to be still and listen to our own inner voice. It gets drowned out by the competition it is getting from all the daily interferences we experience sometimes from one minute to the next minute.
I very much enjoy Facebook and the variety it offers as well as the ease you can communicate with friends anywhere in the world. I think we live in an amazing time that we can get to know people just by clicking on our little machines. It opens up this wide arrange of amazingly creative people, sharing brilliant ideas and beautiful art work at our figure tips.
We also are able to reach out to others by the simple means of a picture and a few words. Often when I have shared a picture that “spoke” to me, I’ve gotten some amazing and sometimes heartbreaking responses from someone out there in cyberspace that was touched by this little thing I posted on one of my webpages.
I may be wrong but lately I have been getting a sense that attitudes on the internet are changing, or maybe it is just that I am more focused on different content and thus am becoming more aware of it. I have noticed a shift in that people are looking for more positive feedback, looking for answers and the meaning of life. A sense that there is more to life than what the average person is experiencing and a quest to find answers.ImageMore and more content is being made available to help people find their inner source; to stay connected and to live a fulfilled and rich life. One of the things that can help us do this, is by re-learning how to listen to our inner voice and how to be still in a world full of electronic noise.