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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Transition and change

Transition and change...
I was reading a blog post from one of the Ultimate Blogboost Challengers and was reminded of some books I have read, and some I have only read some. The author is Lynn Andrews . The book I took out tonight is called : Tree of Dreams.

For those who are not familiar with Lynn Andrews's books, Lynn is a woman who goes on this quest in Northern Manitoba in Canada. Here she is being let by two teachers, or shamans who guide her and teach her on her quest. Her teachers are Indian women who live very close to nature and through the Sisterhood of the Shields teach Lynn their ancient rituals.

The tree of dreams is a book about transition and change, and starts of with the quote: love and death are two gifts that we pass on , and usually the are passed on unopened. Rainer Maria Rilke.

One passage that I opened up to is talking about being a true form. Ruby one of the teachers explains that plants are the plants they are meant to be. A rose does not pretend to become an oak tree for example. They are true to their form and true to what they are meant to be.  Then Ruby goes on by saying that people often get confused.  They tend to get mixed up with different views and start pretending to be something they are not. We then adapt ideas that are not true to us and thus loose our way.

This is very different from learning from a teacher and making these teachings our own. We don't loose our autonomy when we learn this way, and we create mirrors that reflect who we are.

At different times in our lives we find ourselves on cross roads, or in situations that will have a transforming effect on who we are. Sometimes we take this challenge of the change that is brought upon us and we grow, become stronger, or become more like the person we were meant to be and truer to our own being.  You do not loose yourself, your own identity and you are not blindly serving others. Other people let themselves become absorbed by another being, or let themselves being destroyed by the situation, and then nothing will be left of them, they become an empty husk.

Sometimes awakening happens when women go through menopause. Some of the ancient rituals we had would give women the change to reflect and become into a higher state of being. Today we have lost a lot of these rituals, and more sadly of this ancient knowledge, that would be passed on from generation to generation. In a way no wonder that depression is so common…

Love is the bases of everything, of all the teachings we try to pass on to our children, this is the hardest and the easiest to teach. Transition and change are part of this passage of life. And symbolized by this passage is the dying. We have to die a little in order to be able to be transformed into the person we were meant to be ….

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