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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How cold are you?

 Uppermost in our minds these days is the question: How cold is it where you are? And how do you deal with the cold?
Where I live it is cold. I really don't like the cold. Where I grew up it was cold when the thermometer hit 0 Celsius. We could hardly keep warm and usually when we had snow we also had lots of accidents. We were not used to cold and snow and did not know very well how to deal with this. Yes we loved ice skating and tobogganing and building snowmen and all that, but all the other stuff was hard to deal with.

Now I live where it gets cold, I mean really cold, the thermometer read -32 C this morning, it "warmed" up to -22C. Lucky enough there was not a lot of wind, but still with wind chills it  ended up being -42 C . In other words it was cold…
With this cold we also have lots of snow. Most of the time I don't mind the snow to much, provided it is not being blown all over the place, making visibility zero, creating snow banks that are hard to get through with 4x4's, or blanketing the roads so you can't see where the road ends and the ditch starts… As long as snow behaves it self and just ends up in the bush, or the fields I have no problem with it. And I must admit, grouchily, it does look pretty when it is all fresh and covers everything with a nice blanket of the white stuff.
According to the forecast it is not going to warm up any time soon either…

No I don't like it when it is this cold, it is hard to heat the house, the car takes forever to get some heat through, hands and feet get numb from the cold, and you can't do much outside.

The flip side of this is that I do have a job I can stay inside and be warm, I just have to get there. I can heat the house and put on more clothes to keep warm. I do have warm clothes, coats and winter boots as well as mitts and scarfs to keep warm. And I can make the choice to stay inside if I don't want to go outside if I don't have to!

So it is cold, we are in survival mode until it gets warmer, no I don't like it much, but things could be worse. So where are you and how cold are you?

Leave a comment below I love to hear from you! By the way I am in Portage la Prairie in Manitoba.

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