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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Field of dreams...

 Field of dreams...
Today I was not sure what I was going to write about. Any of the blog ideas I looked at did not call out to me: "Pick me! Pick me!"
The irony is that I have  a post ready for tomorrow, so that after work, all I have to do is post, and read blog posts from the group...
Not getting an idea really was a problem, but only for a little bit. I re-discovered "Field of dreams", through a quote I stumbled on through the internet: Build it and they will come. And: If  you believe the impossible, the incredible can come true.

Field of dreams, day dreaming and believing in the impossible go hand in hand. And now that I started writing about it, I realize it ties in perfectly with what I talked about yesterday.

I loved the movie "Field of dreams", and seeing the success the movie created, I know I was not the only one. So, there it is, 2013 and still the movie can spark interest in people… I think that is quit amazing since the movie was made in 1989!

If you belief the impossible: by going out there and building his "Field of dreams", Ray Kinsella, the main character of the movie, is taking things in his own hands, and helping his dream become reality.

By taking action you help your dreams to become true.. Starting something, and abandoning it on the first try, is not helping you to realize your dream. The movie shows very clear, that Ray and his family have to overcome many obstacles in order for the dream to be able to get manifested. The same for our own dreams, we have to be willing to take action and keep trying, overcoming obstacles, sometimes doing the impossible in order for our dream to become reality. 

For.. What You Think, You Look;
    What You Think, You Do;
What You Think, You Are.  
(Thoughtmanship by Forrset C. Shaklee Sr)

And I would like to add to this: What you think you become...


  1. Hi Marian,
    Oh,you have hit on one of the key points of goal achievement - action.

    No goal will ever be achieved without action, more action, and then more action again, especially in the face of setbacks.