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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Internet marketing some concepts and ideas.

Internet marketing some concepts and ideas.
Today’s social media landscape is rapidly changing and evolving and growing in ways we could not have predicted a few years ago. “Going viral” is now a concept. And we are not talking about the natural virus, but the exponent growing and sharing through social media.

Keeping up and knowing how to use the newest social media developments is an enormous task.

Follow some of the possibilities outlined below can help brand your product and move your company ahead of the rest.

First you need to determine what it is you want from your social media platform. Set yourself clear goals in what you want to achieve and when you would like to achieve them. For example you have your goal set at increasing traffic to your site. In the next 30 days you want to double the traffic going to your site.

You also want to increase the number of repeat visitors and actual leads.

Any leads generated by your social media engagement or campaigns should be followed up as soon as possible. You want to talk to your potential customers while their lead is still “hot”. Remember you are not the only person offering a product or service that people find attractive, so follow up is most important to keep your potential candidate interested. It also lends credibility and personality to your company. We want to build relationships, not just sell our product. When we build a relationship with our customers, they will want to come back and buy from you rather than going to someone else who offers a similar product.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings. I write about what strikes my fancy, whatever comes to my mind or what I find interesting on any given day. My goal is to explore different topics and hopefully entertain and sometimes educate as well. Mostly this is an expression of my personal views. Please leave a comment anytime positive or negative; I love to hear what your thoughts are about my blog. Thanks Marian

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