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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Team building in online internet business

Team building in online internet business

by  | on November 8, 2012

Team building in online-internet business.

Building a team is crucial to building a business. Especially, when this business is an online-internet business.
Anyone who starts out in the online-internet business knows how important it is to have people on their team where they can turn to for questions. And from personal experience I know I have lots of questions. I do not have the knowledge or expertise to build my own websites, nor do I want to spend the time learning how to do this.  Not that I am not curious about it, but when focusing on building a business, this is not my priority to know.
So here it is important that I am part of a team that can provide me with this know how. TheEmpower Network has done a great job in making websites easy to navigate and easy to use. Even for someone, like myself, with limited to almost non existing know how of how to do this, this setup is brilliant in ease of use.
Besides having a good system to work with, it is also important to have an up-line who is willing to guide you to the initial phase of setting up your business. I have been very fortunate be part of Dean Howells team. He has been great in helping me, and patiently answered all my questions. (Thanks Dean!)
Every job boils down to interacting with people, and the online-internet business is no different. As a matter of fact I believe that interacting with people online is becoming more and more important. It also is becoming more and more complex, with the entire different social media out there, like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Yes some aspects are as easy as a click on the button, but what you post, what you write gets out there in cyberspace, and you better be careful what and how you word things.
It is still true that it takes time to build a reputation, but that same reputation that may have taken years to build, can be destroyed by the click of a button!!

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