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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Boot camp

Boot camp

by  | on November 6, 2012


Yesterday I had one of my illusions shattered.
What happened?
I attended pre-boot camp, or what they call form class.
I now know I am as old as my birthday says I am, and fat, and overweight, and totally out of shape.
Well the last part I kina knew, that is why I had decided to do this boot camp thing in the first place…
Have you ever had your thigh muscles starting to cramp? Or your knees buckle from under neat you? Or turn your legs into pieces of Jell-O? It is a shear miracle I was able to walk out of class last night…
And they say the pace is increasing during the real boot camp!! I ask you what was wrong with last night pace? I actually was able to do some of the exercises some of the time!! I may have to notify my EMS friends when I am going for the real deal, just so they can drag me back home…
I did remember to bring my Shaklee Performance sport drink with me last night, and I credit this with the fact that I can walk today instead of crawling…
So I guess I have until next week to heal so I can do it all over again…Aye!

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