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Monday, April 4, 2016

Vintage knitting caddy - Around the Fire pit

View the original post here: Vintage knitting caddy - Around the Fire pit: I came across this neat looking vintage knitting caddy when cleaning out the attic a few years ago. True to be told I really am not sure how it is called, but that is what I named it for now, as it made the most sense. I know it was used to hold knitting, needlepoint …

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to stay positive in a negative environment part two.

How to stay positive in a negative environment part two.

How can I change my outlook?
Change is hard, it takes work and it is not instant. Now having said this, I also happen to know that small changes, or little tweaks, can have big results in the end. Instead of expecting from yourself to do everything perfect right away and setting yourself up for failure, begin with little steps.
For example when you catch yourself saying things like:
 I am a failure,
 I always do everything wrong,
 I never win anything,
 Everything I touch always brakes down, etc.

Listen to yourself when you say or think things like this and how it makes you feel. Pretty depressing stuff isn’t it?
Now try to change tis the next time you catch yourself bad talking. Turn it around: instead of saying:  “I am a looser”, or “I always get it wrong”, accept that things did not turn out very well this time. Yes, you were wrong, and that it too bad, but it is ok, it is in the past now. Then start by telling yourself it is not the end of the world, I will do better next time.
Watch the video clip here:

Can you see what happened?
Did you see the reaction of the judges? They already had given up on this guy, written him off. Afraid he would embarrass himself.
Did you notice the transformation that happened as soon as Chris started to sing? Such a complete transformation it really is a miracle.
It is what he always has wanted: just to sing! In his heart he knew all along what he was meant to do and that was to sing. And he made it happen, it took him many years, and baby steps to get here, but he made it happen, because he never gave up on his dream. Yes it took time and courage to get on the stage, but he did it and transformed everything and everyone instantly.
Will he be nervous the next time he has to sing on stage? I bet he will be, but I also think that it will get better every time. Like Christopher we can make changes happen, small steps at a time until we too are transformed.